Tips For Throwing A Successful Baby Shower

Tips For Throwing A Successful Baby Shower

Before we begin, let’s answer the question of who should host the baby shower. Should it be a best friend? Sister? Co-worker? Should I worry about what Miss Manners’ says?

Well, the purpose of a baby shower is to honor the expectant mother, help her prepare for her impending arrival and celebrate the new baby. So Giftsoc believes the answer is pretty simple – whomever is close to the expectant mother and wants to love and honor her should be the host!

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Now that we have that established, let’s move on to some helpful tips.

  • Planning – be sure to include the expectant mother. Get a detailed list of who she wants to invite, where the venue should be, and what kind of food and drink she’d like to see. Plan the party according to her personality and not yours.
  • Themed Party – consider throwing a themed baby shower. You can get lots of good ideas by browsing the web and viewing sites like Pinterest.
  • Games – ask the guest of honor if she would like any games before you plan them. Do not plan any humiliating games. Remember, the shower is supposed to honor the mother.
  • Coed baby shower – this is also an option and becoming more popular, especially for celebrating the impending arrival of the second or third baby.
  • Grandmothers – include them on the guest list unless the honoree is having a separate family celebration.
  • Sensitivity – If you are inviting a guest who’s struggling with infertility or has recently lost a baby, be sure to ask her how she would feel about being invited to the shower. Accept her answer with compassion.
  • Giftsoc – help the expectant mother share gift ideas for her baby by setting up a baby shower event at . Then include a card in the shower invitation that says “If you need some gift ideas, (Honoree’s name) has completed a wish list at . You will soon receive an emailed invitation to join that event.”
  • Poll – the guests for food allergies and plan accordingly.
  • Photographer – designate one in advance.
  • Thank you Notes –  make a thoughtful gift for the mom.  Have the guests address their own envelopes and be sure to add stamps.
  • Guest of Honor – make sure she’s engaged and having fun. Remember, it’s her party!


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