How To Make This Dragon Halloween Costume

How To Make This Dragon Halloween Costume

Several years ago, my son asked to be a dragon for Halloween.   He didn’t want a store bought costume, he wanted me to copy a paper cutout he had of a green dragon.  For a while I was stumped, but the paper cutout reminded me of craft foam and gave me an idea.

Dragon Mask made of craft foam






I drew the head on one piece of foam and the crest on another. I cut out two of each.  Then I drew the outline, red mouth and nose with permanent markers.  I glued the crest to the back of the face.

Dragon Teeth






I painstakingly drew, cut out and glued each single tooth.  This took the most patience and it had to be done on both sides of the mask.  I also glued on a red, topped by a black, eyeball.

Once everything was dry, I attached both sides of the mask to a girl’s headband with green catamount ties.

A narrow, cloth covered headband works the best

I had to poke holes through the foam mask for the ties, but the green blended in well







Next I tackled the cape.  I’m not the best sewer, so I picked out the easiest pattern I could find.

I didn’t bother with the lining.









Finally I sewed the cape onto a green t-shirt from Michael’s Craft Store.  I also sewed elastic hand holds onto the wings of the cape.

Several years old and rough around the edges, but the costume still works!

Elastic Hand Holds







The final costume got my son’s approval.  Phew!


Trick or Treat!

Our Dragon Likes To Read!


Reading To A Friend









To make it more comfortable, my son wore a baseball cap under the headband.  He could see very well as long as he was looking straight ahead and his face stayed nice and cool.  Happy Halloween!