Halloween Skeletons!

Halloween Skeletons!

These Halloween skeletons are easy to put together.  I bought the basic, posable skeletons from the Oriental Trading Co.

Waltzing Skeletons


The sailor/pirate skeleton is wearing doll pants that I made, and a baby shirt and vest.  I used bandanas for the waist and head bands.  The vaudeville skeleton is wearing a baby dress bought at a second hand store and a hat and boa bought from Michael’s Craft Store.  I also bought a doll’s wig from Michael’s and glued it on to her head.  Finally I ripped and tore the clothes in strategic places.

I put plant stakes in the ground and attached the skeletons with catamount ties.

Dance Of The Dead








For the bride, I picked out some wedding dress material and wrapped and pinned it at her back.  I bought a wig, dolls veil and bouquet at Michael’s and glued or tied everything together.

Wedding Night Forever

For the groom I shredded a boy’s baby suit and shirt.  I also bought second hand baby shoes.  The hat is made out of craft foam – just rolled, stapled and glued.  The clothes don’t have to be well made; it’s the illusion that counts.

Halloween Bliss





The skeletons change positions every year.  The year they danced, I played Strauss Waltzes for the trick-or-treaters.


I dripped green glitter glue in the plastic champagne cups for a moldy affect.

Too Much Champagne Perhaps?

The Death Of The Party

Eternal Bliss









To see the skeletons “in action,” click on this link:  Skeletons ')}