Pets Weekly - Your Source For All Things Pet

Pets Weekly – Your Source For All Things Pet

Giftsoc has been getting acquainted with Stacy Mantle, founder of Pets Weekly – “Your source for All Things Pet…” When it comes to animals and writing, there are few more in command of the topics than Stacy: professional writer, founder of and author of the urban fantasy novel, “Shepherd’s Moon.” Stacy has generously agreed to share a little about herself and a few of her favorite gift ideas for pets, writers and readers.

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First off, I was very excited to be asked to guest post for GiftSoc! It’s always fun to tell people what I do for a living because I feel like it’s unusual (although maybe not as much in this day and age). I have always classified myself as a writer. After all, the one thing I’ve done consistently throughout life is tell stories. Whether it was pointing to the remnants of a vase and blaming my brother, or stringing together 150,000 words for my novel , story-telling is all I know. And my love of animals has always been an integral part of the story-telling process.

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So, a little about me. I’m the founder of and a frequent contributor to popular magazines (such as Cat Fancy, Pacific Yachting and Jackson Family); and I (quite obviously) love animals. I live in the deserts of the Southwest and share my home with 3 dogs and 12 cats – which sounds like a lot, but since ten of them are “retired feral” cats and stay in a specially-designed, very elaborate, heated and cooled, indoor/outdoor enclosure, it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

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I’m probably most well-known for my work as a “pet expert and influencer.” For those who (like me) are unimpressed by titles – it just means that I get to check out the newest pet products and write about them. Could there be a more awesome job?
Why? Because my first urban fantasy novel, Shepherd’s Moon, was just released and I have to say it’s been a fun adventure writing this series. The Shepherd series is about a woman who can communicate with animals – all animals. She lives with and protects a very diverse group of Shifters (that includes wolves, jaguars, horses and even a cat) who can shift into animals at will. Her quest is complicated by the very sexy Tristan, a Nephilim (sort of a half-angel) who’s been trying to kill her since they first met.

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In case you were wondering, Alex and I do share quite a few characteristics – including a love of animals, a respect for weapons, and a desire to be better in our lives. She’s the very best of me and does all the things that I can’t do. I hope you’ll consider adding Shepherd’s Moon to your “to read” list.

But now – for all of you animal lovers out there (or people who are buying for animal lovers), I’ve selected a few favorite gift ideas for you that I think will make any animal-lover, writer or reader very happy! Be sure to put some of them in your Christmas giftsoc!

Dogs & Cats: We love these products because our pets love these products!

The Tagg Tracker: GPS Tracker and activity monitoring for dogs and cats.
LifeForm 3D Photos: This one also works for people pictures!
DERMagic line of skin care for dogs and cats: gets rid of fleas and ticks naturally.
The Luxury RuffGrip Leash: a weave made to last.
Silver Tails for Senior Pets:  A line of pet products specially designed for our senior pets.
Handmade pet fountains for dogs and cats:  A beautiful selection of handcrafted fountains
Blanket ID Tags: There is a tag for every personality!

Happy Pets






Animal-loving Readers: 

If you like animals and fantasy, you’ll love Shepherd’s Moon! For those looking towards a more practical handbook for managing their pets lives, we highly recommend “The Complete Cat’s Meow” from Darlene Arden (for cat parents) and “Speaking For Spot,” dog health care tips and veterinary advice from Dr. Nancy Kay.
For the little ones who love animals and reading, there is an activity book that teaches responsible dog care by yours truly entitled, “So You Have A New Puppy!









Hope you enjoy the gift ideas!  Come join the pack at Pets Weekly. ~Stacy Mantle

Stacy Mantle author of “Shepherd’s Moon”