R Honey Pots

R Honey Pots

Giftsoc recently discovered the beautiful and functional ceramics of R Honey Pots.  We were so impressed by the creativity of artist Liz Russell that we had to find out more; specifically, why she does what she does…

Liz R of R Honey Pots

Bowl with Lid









My pots are story-generators.  While interacting with customers, surrounded by my pottery, I might hear about the octopus trying to climb out the passenger window on a drive to the aquarium; or the little girl who wonders if crickets are as big as cows owing to the racket they put up; or the owl that someone rescued and raised.

Spoon Rests

Tiles with “natural imagery from the ocean, forest and skies.”










We humans love to tell stories. I am driven by the notion that bringing art to the level of day-to-day inspires not only stories, but empowers people to perceive themselves as artists too. The majority of my work is functional in order that the otherwise inane tasks of waking, feeding, and drinking may be a creative experience.

“Dragons usher in a more powerful day, full to overflowing with imagination.” – Liz R

Great Heron Mugs









I hope that, in using my pottery, people will be reminded that every moment, every meal, every experience is part of an artistic story; not always beautiful, not always pristine; chaotic yet marvelously abundant with patterns of seemingly intentional perfection in the minutest of details.  I make pottery because I love it.  It brings me peace.  In my work, I attempt to bridge the gap between fine and functional art, bringing the sacred into the mundane.

Cat Carafe

“Every time I see a bluebird, I feel I’ve glimpsed a fairy.” Liz R









Natural forms, processes and images are my focus; from octopus tentacles and leafy sea dragon fins to cat tails and mantis mandibles.  Incorporating these organic forms into the very shape as well as the drawings on my pottery, I hope to engender an appreciation and compassion for all creatures that share this planet.

Osprey Platter

Nautilus Bowl









Living on the Russian River, I’ve become intimately involved in its endless and changing ocean journeys, as well as the creatures residing within.  I also work with bees which further instills in me not only a seasonal awareness, but a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

And that is why I do what I do…

Liz Russell – R Honey Pots

R Honey Pots are handcrafted and painted original ceramics: dishwasher, microwave & oven safe, non-toxic, high fired porcelain/stoneware.  Put some in your giftsoc today!

email: RHoneyPots@gmail.com