Unusual Halloween Costume Ideas

Unusual Halloween Costume Ideas

In case anyone needs inspiration, here are pictures of some original Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years.  I am also posting a few worn by my children and husband – just the homemade ones.  Enjoy!

I styled my hair and sprayed it gold, then painted my face.

Lioness – over 20 years ago. Sigh…







To become a munchkin, stand in a box with shoes on your knees.

I represent the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild..!










Painting your face is a great way to make an ordinary costume extraordinary!

Zebra Girl!







I’m wearing a vintage dress and braided my hair the night before to get the kinks.  Then we put on white face paint and a little fake blood.  Notice how I forgot to paint my ear and my husband forgot his hand!

Vampire Lust







Our son with strategically glued craft straw in his shirt and hat.

He’s adorable – if I do say so myself!







The piggy costume was made from a pattern by McCall’s: “Easy McCall’s M5956 Kids”

My son thought his sister was so cute in this costume, he’d chase her around the house so he could hug her!

Handing out Halloween candy










The Grim Reaper made scarier with a painted face..

Beware the Grim Reaper








Love this scary face!








Perseus and Medusa!  I cut and “shaped” a Halloween wig and used rubber bands and clips to attach the plastic snakes.  My husband’s costume was store bought.

This is the same vintage dress I wore as a vampire.

Who needs paint? I’ll make my own scary face!










Happy Haunting!