Cat Products That Keep Your House Looking Great!

Cat Products That Keep Your House Looking Great!

Our family recently grew with the addition of two kittens.  So far everything is going great.  Much of this is due to the wonderful cat products we’re using that make our life easier.  I’d like to share them with you because I think they are definitely worth having.

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes cleaning the cat box so much easier!  My daughter even thinks it’s fun and volunteers to clean it.  The secret is a plastic screen and pull-out drawer.  You clean out the waste by rolling the box to the right and back again.  This makes the waste fall into the drawer but the sand goes back into the box.  Then you simply pull out the drawer and dump the waste into your trash can.  Since I am a fanatic about cleaning the litter box (2 – 4 times a day), I really appreciate the Omega’s ingenious system.  One note, you must use clumping kitty litter with this system.  We use the “World’s Best Cat Litter,” made from “eco friendly whole kernal corn.”

Dec. 30, 2012:  Since I’ve written this I have to add a postscript; my kittens keep stepping in their own mess even though I clean the boxes at least twice a day.  I think it’s because they can’t see what they are doing with the lid over the box.  So I am trying the box without the lid – just an old fashioned kitty litter box.  We’ll see if it cleans up their habits!  Maybe I’ll have to adjust my recommendation.

This litter box makes cleaning so much less of a chore!










Cats need to scratch and our kittens love the Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher from Petlinks.  They like to scratch it,  play on it, under it and lie on it.  I love it because they really prefer scratching it over my carpet and furniture.

It’s not a bad looking piece of cat furniture.







The other cat scratchers we have around the house are the Cosmic Cat Scratchers.  They are inexpensive and the cats are naturally attracted to them.  We bought the Double Wide and a couple of Single Wide’s to put around the house.  They come with cat nip that you can sprinkle in the scratcher but I found it did nothing for my kittens.  They use the scratchers with and without the catnip.

These have a cleaner look than ones made of carpet.










I wanted a clean look in my kitchen, so I chose Durapet Bowls by Our Pets for the food/water dishes.  They are made of stainless steel and have a rubber ring in the base that prevents sliding and extra noise.  They are nice to look at and dish-washer safe.


These would go well with stainless steel appliances.





The choice of cat brush depends on the type of fur your cat has.  We have Ragdolls and their fur is similar to a rabbit’s.  A knowledgeable clerk recommended the Sensitive Area Slicker Grooming Brush and so far it’s working well.  I like the triangular shape because it makes it easier to brush the kittens’ cheeks and neck.

Good for those hard to reach areas










And last but not least our favorite cat toys – both for the kittens and ourselves – Vee Original PURRfect Cat Toy and  Vee PURRFect Feather Cat Toy.  There are many PURRfect wands to choose from, each with a flexible wand, a flexi-neck “for added bounce,” and a cord with a faux fur or feather end.  It is so much fun to flick these around and watch the kittens pounce!

These wands come in different colors and designs.

This toy is much better than chasing a real bird!










If you’ve been looking for cat products, I hope some of these suggestions appeal to you.  Why not plan for Christmas and put some in your cat’s giftsoc today?   Hope your feline friend enjoys them like ours do!

Ready to pounce from underneath her Curvy Scratcher








Do you have any favorite cat products?  Please share!