Toys For Grown Ups!

Toys For Grown Ups!

Admit it – you love toys.  Why do you think we parents buy so many toys for our kids?  Because secretly we want to play with them too.  But it’s time to come out of the closet!  This season, instead of just buying toys for your children, nieces and nephews, buy some for yourself!  Buy toys for your spouse, partner, friend, and grandparent.  Put them in your giftsoc and share gift ideas.  To help you get started, Giftsoc has put together a list of 10 toys that might appeal to both children AND adults.

1.  Spin Top

Who can resist a spinning top?  There are many different kinds but the one we are interested in today is the kind that spins with the help of a string.  Spintastics sells these plastic tops in different sizes and in varying colors.  You can do all kinds of tricks with them.  There are even spin top clubs and competitions!

Blizzard Ball Bearing Spin Top – this is a trick top!










2.  Rollerskates/Blades

Get some for yourself and join the kids rolling up and down the sidewalk or in a skating rink.  It’s great exercise and lots of fun!  Be sure to wear a helmet and safety pads.

















3.  Toy Soldiers

There are some serious collectors out there!   The Sierra Toy Soldier Company offers “the finest quality historical figures, military miniatures, model aircraft and toy soldiers available.”  And it’s true; they have a fantastic inventory.

1776 – American forces fighting for liberty from British Colonial rule

The Petticoats collection traces women’s fashion over time.











4.  Model Trains

This is a classic for good reason – fun and educational.  The Train Station sells Lionel trains and posts helpful information as well.








5.  Zoetrope

The Zoetrope is an optical toy that creates an animated illusion of motion.  In other words, it’s an open drum with spinning pictures!  The best thing about this toy is you have a chance to create your own picture strips.








6.  The High Roller

High Rollers are Big Wheels for adults.  Do you remember peddling down the sidewalk as fast as you could on your colorful, plastic Big Wheel?  Well now you can do it again on the High Roller.  And according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, next year Kids Only – the company division that license’s Big Wheels – is going to release a model just for adults!

The High Roller – adult size








7.  Tiddly Winks

Here’s another game that brings back childhood memories.  It’s still fun and irresistible!

Tiddly Winks in a classic toy tin








8.  Perplexus

The Perplexus is a maze inside of a transparent sphere.  If you have persistence this challenging game can be quite a lot of fun.  If you get frustrated easily then the Perplexus is not for you!  As the product description says, “it is easy to play, hard to master.”










9.  Motif Cubes or Puzzle Blocks

Yes, it looks like a child’s toy but most adults can’t resist playing with the patterns!  There are many varieties; here are two.

Motif Blocks – relaxing and creative

Face Maker Blocks – create an endless variety of faces!















10.  Gothic/Fantasy Puzzles

These puzzles by Victoria Frances are probably not going to be shared with your children!  For the fan of Gothic and Fantasy novels , here you go..











Giftsoc hopes this list convinces you that grown-ups can enjoy toys too!  Be sure to share them with your children.  🙂

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