Leprichaun Wreaks Havoc!

Leprichaun Wreaks Havoc!

We had a visit from the trickster leprechaun this morning.  Look at the havoc he wrought!

First there was a trail of shoes..

Mom would never allow this!

Scattered laundry on overturned stools!

Why would he DO this?

Stool sculpture, green vase water, music stand and legos!

Even the cat can’t figure it out.

He turned the cat’s water green!

This is going too far!

A Music Stand on the Counter?

Ummm .. Okay..

Well this was an exciting visit!  Too bad the leprechaun didn’t stick around to clean up the mess!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Giftsoc!  Did you get a visit from the leprechaun?