“Hit the Pot” Style Game for Adults

“Hit the Pot” Style Game for Adults

Giftsoc is pleased to host another wonderful game idea from Dr. Ronald G.  Shapiro – Consultant and Speaker in Human Factors, Ergonomics, Learning, Leadership & Career Development.

“Hit the Pot” Style Game for Adults
Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.

Children enjoy watching adults participate in games too!  “Find the Present” is a version of “Hit the Pot” which is challenging for adults, but still easy for children to understand.  It is also appropriate for groups of adults.  I use it in my “Education by Entertainment” programs for pre-teenagers, teenagers and professionals.

As in “Hit the Pot,” the contestant is blindfolded and needs to figure out what their present is and where it is hidden, but there is no pot, no spoon, and there are no “hot” and “cold” cues.   Instead, the contestant is allowed to search for their present by walking around, and they may ask “Yes”/”No” questions.

Begin this activity by selecting and blindfolding the contestant.  Next, have him or her hold up a sign showing everyone what is being hidden and where it is hidden.   Tell the contestant, “Your job is to tell everyone what your present is and where it is located while remaining blindfolded.”  Then the contestant is spun around and encouraged to begin their search.  This way the contestant will not know which direction they are facing when questions such as, “Is it in front of me?” or “Is it to my right?” are answered.  Note – sometimes half the audience will answer, “Yes” and half will answer, “No” to the same question! 🙂

For pre-teens, teens and adults, the keys to making this game challenging are to select a gift that the contestant would not expect and to hide it in a place the contestant isn’t likely to think of.  At the same time everyone should remain very quiet while the contestant is searching and only answer questions with a “Yes” or a “No.”

One suggestion for an unusual gift is to hide a check for an odd amount of money (say $1.01; or if the celebration is for an 18th birthday, $18.18!) by folding it right into the aluminum foil lining of the bandana/blindfold!

After a predetermined time, start to provide hints, so the contestant can eventually guess what their gift is and where it is located.  Remember to take lots of photos and have fun!

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