Who we are

Giftsoc is a social website where members can create gift lists for various celebrations.  These lists (giftsocs) can then be shared among family and friends.  Giftsoc can be used in many ways. For example, it can be a way to organize Christmas gift exchanges among family members who may be miles away. For celebrations such as birthdays and baby showers, Giftsoc can be used in addition to regular party invitations. This would be similar to a gift registry. You can also use Giftsoc to invite guests to personally attend a celebration – a birthday party for example. You can even use Giftsoc to keep a personal wish list that is unattached to any celebration.

A highlight of Giftsoc is the social element.  Members of events can communicate about the event itself and about items in each others’ giftsoc.

Giftsoc makes event planning easier by simplifying gift exchanges. It’s also a lot of fun!